I’ve taken up hot yoga at a local studio and have experienced benefits both mentally and physically. 

After my first class I was sitting, breathing when I thought to myself I’m going to throw up…NOW. I went into the bathroom and had this massive release. It wasn’t even food I had eaten. It was gross toxins that had been sitting in my body for lord knows how long that got loosened by the movements and breathing. The instructors said it was normal for things to “come up” after a class but very rarely do things actually come up. When I got into my car I let out a huge release and began sobbing in happiness because I actually pushed myself to do something. For so long I would lay in bed all day and feel worthless at the end of the day because I didn’t do anything, but today I did. I sweat a shitload, pushed past a lot of mental blocks, and did my body a favor. I remember laying in the final pose and hearing my brain tell me, “you did it. Thank you”. I’ve been getting better and have even noticed a little muscle building. I’m doing yoga for the mental aspects, but if physical ones come too that’s okay by me! 


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